Outdooor Advertising

Gaining brand awareness in today’s market can seem almost impossible.


Big Impact Advertising

With over 40 large-format billboard locations, Civic Outdoor ​ provides you with an excellent solution for executing outdoor advertising campaigns with that wow factor. Billboards can put your message right there in front of thousands of vehicles each day, delivering constant reinforcement of your message.

Street Furniture

Local, Targeted & Trusted

Whether your target audience is metropolitan or regional, Civic Outdoor has a network of smaller boards to compliment your integrated advertising campaigns or spearhead your local advertising needs. These boards are found beside busy streets, at entry points to public spaces or at various high foot traffic locations.

Transit Signs

Long Exposure & Timely Messaging

Civic Outdoor boards strategically placed beside public transport stops or near train stations provide you with the perfect opportunity to communicate to your audience through repeated exposure where potential customers spend time stationary and open to marketing messages.

Street Furniture

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Outdoor Advertising or Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising alludes to advertising that shows up outside the home. It’s not TV, radio or on the web, but OOH can work with these. Generally, OOH comprises of posters, billboards, and transit shelter advertisements. Be that as it may, with the appearance of innovation, Digital is currently a noteworthy segment of OOH. With the normal purchaser spending no less than 53% of their weekly time outside of their home, Outdoor Advertising is seemingly the most capable and viable medium for targeting a massive potential audience.
At one time, billboards were considered a premium product at a premium price. At Civic Media, we keep that premium product level of production, with a price point that’s aimed at independent and small business owners.

Yes! We have an in-house designer who is available to not only create artwork for your advertisement, but also to help you explore the best ways to get your message out into the world.

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